Speak now or forever hold in your gut!

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Holy smokes!!! I woke up, went potty like a big boy (# 4), and stood on the scale only to find that I have already lost 16 lbs. I’m losing 8 lbs. a day just by making poopy! Seriously, I don’t know why so many women choose to be constipated all the time!
Okay, not really, but I am convinced that every woman thinks that it is that easy for men to lose weight (“You drop 10 lbs. with a good bowel movement!”).

Speaking of which, please feel free to chime in on a debate. I keep hearing people (mostly women) say that the heavier someone is, the bigger advantage they have in weight loss contests. I say that isn’t the case because when you are using the Biggest Loser rules, percentages are the great equalizer… Right??? Please let me know if I am wrong because if that is the case I won’t be a sucker and waste any effort in this contest.

Lastly, I need some good non-monetary wagers. I have a guy in the contest that is offering to do a side bet with me. Well as much as an extra $10-20 is motivating, I’d like to do something a little more fun. I’m very confident that I’ll beat this anonymous man (who I’ll call Gabe G.), so I need some good ideas for a wager. I was thinking zany stuff like the loser washes the other’s car in a bikini, but the thought of either of us in a bikini made me throw up a little bit. Help!


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